Whether you began caring gradually, or your life changed overnight, new caring responsibilities bring new challenges, and you'll need support. 

This is especially true when the person you care for is attending, staying in, or being discharged from, hospital.

Who is this service for?

If the person you care for is a soon to be, or recently discharged mental health patient from a Teesside inpatient service, then we can help you.

To access our support you must be 

  • aged 18+
  • living in Teesside

What we can do to help you

The support we give will reflect your specific needs and will form part of the patient’s discharge plan. 

We can work alongside ward staff and other agencies to support the best possible discharge into the community for the person you support.

We can provide practical help in lots of different ways including

  • developing and strengthening networks
  • one to one emotional support
  • developing individual support plans
  • support at meetings
  • signposting to other sources of information and advice
  • support groups and wellbeing workshops
  • connections to social activities and meeting other Carers

How can you access this service?

You can complete the referral form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Alternatively, your GP or another support agency can refer you.

If you’ve got any questions about the service before making a referral then reach out to the team on 01642 257020.