Supporting Carers in our community is essential, but sometimes they're overlooked.

It’s not always apparent that someone has taken on the role of caring, so it’s crucial that we help other healthcare professionals identify Carers so that they can receive the support they need and deserve.

Who is this service for?

We work with Primary Care Networks across South Tees, to encourage professionals to identify Carers and support them in their caring role.

Our dedicated Primary Care Link Workers work alongside Primary Care services to meet the aims of the NHS long term plan to grant Carers greater recognition and support, so that their own health and wellbeing needs are addressed.

Primary care services include

  • general practices
  • community pharmacies
  • dental and optometry services
  • any other service that provides first point of contact for Carers in the healthcare system

What we can do to help you

We work with primary care services to

  • identify Carers at the first point of contact
  • raise awareness of the We Care You Care carers support platform
  • provide information on commissioned services or community-based services for support
  • signpost staff to relevant Carers awareness training
  • signpost Carers to relevant services for support
  • develop Primary Care Carers Champions

The benefits of our support

We can support practices to become Carer friendly by using a quality marker assessment and offering support and guidance to achieve a Carers friendly status. 

Quality markers include:

  • identification and registration of Carers - how does the practice proactively identify Carers?
  • holistic support - how does the practice use its Carers Register to support Carer health and wellbeing?
  • in practice support - how does the practice understand and promote the needs of Carers within the practice?
  • appointments and access - how does the practice make it easier to access services?
  • information, involvement and communication - how does the practice inform, involve and communicate with Carers?
  • awareness and culture - how does the practice promote a Carer friendly culture?

How can you access this service?

If you're working within a Primary Care Network then you can reach out to our team to find out more about how we can help you support Carers.