In Middlesbrough, the Mental Health Collective is working together to bring about positive change and a new way of working to deliver improved mental health care and support locally. 

We want to break down the barriers people face when seeking help and to provide care that maximises the wellbeing, independence and overall health of each person in need.

What do we hope to achieve?

Working together we plan to make the following a reality:

  • Easier, timely access to help when needed
  • More support available in primary care and for those who have been lost between primary and secondary care
  • Better support for communities experiencing the greatest inequalities
  • More support that helps people stay well
  • Improved quality of life for people
  • Increased range and quantity of support available
  • Increased quality of support provided across all partners resulting from increased collaboration and integration
  • Increased satisfaction from people using services and their families

Who are we?

The Community Mental Health Collective comprises partners from across the local voluntary sector.

By working together, sharing our knowledge and experiences, we will have a much greater impact.

Taking A Collective Action on Mental Health

Partners and all other organisations associated with Community Mental Health Transformation came together to explore what we've learned so far and evaluate the activity we've delivered.

At the event we shared:

  • Learnings from the work of the Middlesbrough Mental Health Collective
  • Plans to inform future developments and a community led response
  • How to connect with what's happening in community mental health developments

Find out more

You can learn more about the work undertaken to date and the opportunities provided by the partnership here.

If you're a local voluntary organisation and you'd like to get involved in the Middlesbrough Mental Health Partnership then you can become a member by completing the form below.