Every year our dedicated team helps over 500 local young people who are finding life hard.

From stress and anxiety, to depression and other more complex mental health problems, we’re here for children, young people, and their parents and guardians.

Our experienced team works in schools or with young people and families outside of the classroom to help every step of the way.

Who is this service for?

We work with children from primary schools through to young people studying at college.

To access our support you, or the child or young person you're responsible for must be

  • aged 5-18
  • living in Teesside

    What we can do to help you

    We work with children and young people in lots of different ways. 

    if you're a young person struggling with your thoughts and feelings, you're not alone and we can help.

    Sometimes we work directly with a school or sometimes we can help parents by sharing knowledge and tools you can use.

    There are four main projects we deliver.

    Resources you may find useful

    We know how important it is to have clear information or somewhere to turn quickly when you need some extra support.

    So, here are links to other sources of information that may be useful for you.

    • CAMHS - resources for young people, parents and carers across a wide range of topics

    • The Anxious Child - this guide is designed to help parents support a child struggling with anxiety

    • Issues with Self Esteem - this is a guide for young people suffering from low self esteem

    • National Autistic Society (autism.org.uk) - mental health resources for children with additional needs

    How can you access this service?

    You can complete the referral form below and one of our team will be in touch.

    Alternatively, your GP or another support agency can refer you.

    If you’ve got any questions about the service before making a referral then reach out to the team on 01642 257020.