Our people are what makes this organisation so special.

There are over 200 people working here at Teesside Mind.

Some are front line providing services and some work behind the scenes making things happen, some are paid members of staff and some selflessly volunteer, but all are dedicated, passionate individuals committed to helping others.

Extraordinary people making an impact for you

At our core we're a team of professionals with lots of different experiences of wellbeing working to support those who are finding life challenging. 

We know that everyone is different and their experiences of poor mental health are unique, so we're mindful of listening and understanding your personal story before we start to help you get back on track.

Lots of the people here have experience of general health care, social care, voluntary and community sectors, and are able to provide rounded support that's about so much more than mental health as we know it.

Our team relies heavily on volunteers to support their work and each volunteer adds real value to everything we do.

Meet some of our people

We'd love to introduce you to everyone who works here, but we hope that you can get a sense of our people and culture from the snapshots of our core teams here.