Schools play a vital part in shaping good mental health for children and young people. We also know that schools can’t do everything on their own. That’s where our Schools In Mind service steps in.

We work collaboratively with schools and parents to develop a package of support that’s tailored to the needs of the school, and most importantly, that works for the children and young people.

Who is this service for?

Schools in Mind has been designed to support primary and secondary school children and can be commissioned by any school across Teesside. 

If you have children that are struggling with mild to moderate emotional needs, then we can help.

To access our support the children must be

  • aged 5-16

  • attending one of our partner schools who commission our service

What we can do to help you

There are lots of ways we can help, and we tailor our support to suit the needs of the school and of the individual children.

Our one to one support typically lasts for six to twelve sessions and we can also work with children in groups if it’s appropriate or beneficial.

We focus on understanding what’s triggering the emotional issues and then teach coping strategies which work towards building resilience for the future.

We can work with your children to address and tackle issues such as

  • anger

  • anxiety

  • low mood

  • confidence

  • self-esteem

  • stress

  • managing and understanding their emotions

  • friendship issues

  • bullying

  • events that are happening at home or school

  • bereavement

How do we deliver this service?

Our team works predominantly in schools, but we can deliver face to face sessions in one of our offices, at home or at a community outreach location of your choice.

Or, if they prefer, we can meet the children online or we can provide telephone support.

We can be flexible to suit the child's or children’s needs.

What to do next if you’re a parent

If you’re worried about your child, then you should contact their school and ask whether they commission our service, or something similar.

Or you can reach out to us and we can help you access the most appropriate support.

You can call us on 01642 257020.

What to do next if you’re a school

If you’re a school then you can contact our dedicated team on 01642 257020 to find out how we can work with you to support you and the children you care for.

We can help you to support individual cases or we can work with you to develop a bespoke package of support for the whole school.

If you’d like to understand more about the service and how it could work for you, then our brochure is a great starting point.